3D Drawings Complement The Floor Plan and Elevations
My primary business is to provide designers with accurate and affordable 3D B&W drawings. While 2D drawings are critical to the construction and costing phases of a project, sometimes they can be confusing to the homeowner and tradespeople as well.
3D drawings are much closer to how we actually see real things. Elevations render all the three dimensional aspects of the drawing into a flat single plane. The scale and proportion is more realistic in the 3D view compared to the elevation view.
They are both very important, but serve different purposes. (See examples below.)
The 3Ds provide a great deal of clarity to not only the client, but to you the designer as well. They're a great way to proof your design. Hidden issues are revealed in the 3D view that might not be seen in a floor plan or elevation, such as in corners or any transitions that are hard to visualize.
Floor Plans and Elevations
I also create scaled and dimensioned floor plans and elevations for your project if you need them, which you can see in the Work section of the website at the end of each gallery. Just give me what you have for a field measure along with photos of the job and I will create a 3D model of your project.
Cabinetry Point of View
I come from the world of cabinet making. I'll help you to create cabinetry plans that can be built and installed. 
Photorealistic Renderings
The B&W drawing is the foundation for the photorealistic rendering. I send the B&W model to my rendering artist after you have selected the views you want to see in color. 
3D Drawings Bring Clarity To The Project
The 3D drawing is not an end in itself, but a tool to get the job done more efficiently and profitably.
Comparing 3D Drawings To 2D Drawings
2D Elevation Drawing
3D Drawing
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