My firm does a lot of kitchen and bath work. I always integrate Stuart's 3D work early in my design process. It's a critical element in my process and to my success.
After meeting with my clients I give Stuart my ideas in a simple CAD floor plan, minimal elevations, the appliance specs and some reference images. From there he puts the project together in 3D and that makes it come alive for the client. I love the 3D. The 2D is dry by comparison and some clients find it confusing for presentation purposes.
I'm very good at Auto CAD, and I do SketchUp too, but Stuart is faster, better and less expensive at it.  It doesn't make good business sense for me to do it. He also does all my scaled, dimensioned, annotated floor plans and elevations in SketchUp. His 2D work is very clean. It was hard to give up the CAD plans, but they are tedious. It makes my life so much easier when he does it. Just one less thing to do and I know it's going to be great! He always meets my deadlines too. 
Even though I haven't seen Stuart for four years (he lives in Idaho) he's 100% accessible. We have short virtual meetings on the fly where I can see his SketchUp model live and we work through any questions together. The virtual meetings save a lot of time and money. Stuart's pricing is always fair and I trust him to be fair.
Stuart is friendly and funny. He's timely, very responsive and a pleasure to work with. He's extremely technical when it comes to all things cabinetry and appliances. You can really tell that he's thinking ahead to the installation. He was a cabinetmaker for over a decade and it really makes a difference in his drawings. He knows if something is going to be difficult or expensive to do, so then I know too. That is a tremendous value to me. He's so much more than a draftsman, he's a technical consultant too. He makes me look good to the cabinetmakers, the contractor and the client, and I get all the credit. Stuart will be a valuable asset to your design team.

Audra Saio, Principal-Design Theory Studio, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
I've been working with Stuart for about three years. Most of my projects have been pretty small with Stuart but I've also had a couple of very large, challenging and technically complicated ones. Regardless of the size or complexity, Stuart is capable, ready and willing to do it. He is very fair in his pricing - if I just need a simple neatly drawn bedroom floor plan to place furniture and it takes him an hour to draw he charges me for an hour. If I'm having problems with my printer, he tries to figure out how to fix it and comes up with some workarounds.  If my field measure is hard to read and the numbers don't quite add up he just makes it work. Stuart and I have never met in person but I feel like I know him. He is a cheerful, nice guy that lives in Idaho on a ranch. He has a mastery of CAD, an extensive knowledge of cabinetry and a love of nature. I can recommend him highly.
Susan Jay Freeman, Principal-Susan Jay Freeman Design, Pacific Palisades, CA
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